Hello Cruel World Screenprint + Immortality animation drawings

One off edition of 80 screen prints of Lando's  Artwork for new Sole and the Skyrider band album 'Hello Cruel World' (available here)

42cm x 42cm on cartridge paper, signed and numbered

As an addition to the print each order includes at least 5 drawings from the animated music video for the groups song 'Immortality'.  Each of the first 50 or so orders will get a background drawing and a relevent frame matching the scene....There are not enough background drawings for all 80, but there are plenty of frames that didnt have backgrounds but make a full image (see below).   Everyone should get  good selection of drawings.  These are all in pencil on copy paper...they are working drawings from an animation and come as they are.  They will all be signed as well.

10 pounds (approx $15.62) + £3.50 UK shipping or £8.50 International shipping (approx $13.84)

Background sample plus a single frame from the same shot

Single frame sample that doesnt have a background