Big Things Going Down in Little Copenhagen, and Disruptions in the Decadence Time Contuinuum

posted 24 Feb 2017, 13:35 by Decadence Comics   [ updated 25 Feb 2017, 05:28 ]
This Weekend is Copenhagen Comics fest in the Meat packing district, come find us at booth number 10.  It only happens once every 2 years so please.....make the most of it.

Also there is a show at X and beyond where we exhibited last year, entitled 'Strange Ecologies' featuring work from Moebius, NASA, Lars Von Trier and a print from that fool Lando.

Lastly, there maybe delays in the next week with orders from the Megastore due to the relocation of our head office, industrial megastructure and distribution hub to London.  The helplines should still be operating fine if you need to chat to any of our team.

C u on the other side