Chameleon SX-1 Tokyo

posted 8 Sept 2013, 18:23 by lAN DO   [ updated 8 Sept 2013, 18:37 ]

Tsemberlidis Illustration for Shopping Hour magazine

We are doing a joint show with the Famicon guys opening on Thursday at the wishless gallery in tokyo.  The opening is from 6 till 8 pm and we will be screening some Decadence movies at some point.  I will be there too!

Its just down the street from the Ninja school-

There will also be a Decadence stall at the Tokyo artist book fair

Also I did a few pages for Brandon Grahams Prophet comic thats out this week (#39)

Our intern is going on a social media networking course for a few weeks, so the Decadence distro centre is shutting down til Oct.  You can order but it wont get posted out till then.

Transmutation of the human Bodies and Flora is now available at the London shops, Gosh Orbital and Foyles as well as other Dec books.

Oh yeah,  I will be at the Bristol comic and zine fest on the 5th of Oct.  Sweet line up for it here-