Double Decadence- Tallinn and Angouleme

posted 20 Jan 2011, 17:31 by lAN DO   [ updated 20 Jan 2011, 18:35 ]

We got invited to take part in a show in the museum of Art in Estonia that opens tonight....The show runs till May the 8th, they should have a selection of our shit to browse and some large prints of comic pages on display...check it out here, they listed us on the exhibitor page in ALLCAPS cuz that's how we fucking roll. 

Next weekend is the Angouleme comics festival...We cant be there till we bribe the illuminati and do some sacrifices but....

The people that run the dope French anthology 'L'episode' have offered to take some of our books to sell in 'Le Nouveau Monde' area of the festival.  Their stall is under the name 'Na'.  'L'episode' is a really nice pulp style anthology in a simular style as Decadence and serialises Leon Sadler's crazy battlerap career autobio comic 'Lava flows'.  Check their site here where you can buy and read some past issues online (The stories that aren't in English have translations as well)  

We should be at the Brighton Zine Fest next month, with a new mini comic from tsemberlidis, it should be pretty swagged out..