Flood tablet-----------------------------Bear Pit Zine

posted 9 Mar 2011, 13:32 by lAN DO   [ updated 9 Mar 2011, 15:17 ]

I have a new story in a zine  I helped to put together with some artists in Bristol.  The story is set in the huge new shopping development that they just fucking built here to enrich our lives and provide meaning to our existence.

The zine is called 'Bear Pit' and we will have copies at the London comic and small press expo on Saturday....Big ups to Miscomp for really getting it organised along with Smoo.  

More info here-

The Expo-

Also don't forget to check out the kaleidoscope exhibition at orbital comics if you are in the regime stronghold of London...There is a page up from the next part of Island 3, and some other pages.  They are all available to swag out your living room walls....