Gardens Of Glass launch, Cyborg M85, Safari Festival, Decadence #10

posted 25 Aug 2014, 08:13 by Decadence Comics   [ updated 29 Dec 2014, 16:44 by lAN DO ]

This book launches on Friday at Gosh comics in London at the opening party for Safari Festival.  It collects Lando's Stories from the Olympic Games, and Pyramid Scheme books as well as the new story 'The Marble Man'  which is in Decadence #10.  The stories are united in that they explore ideas of human existence beyond the Anthropocene Epoch.

 Also launching at the party is Mutiny Bay by  Antoine Cosse who is making some sick comics.

Gardens will be available from HERE very soon or you can buy it from Breakdown press.

The Following day is the Festival, at the Protein Gallery in East London.  Organized by Breakdown press, this is going to be a great gathering of comic artists.  Some original Artwork from Lando will be on display as well.

Stathis is dropping a new mini CYBORG M85

Will also have Decadence #10 if you havent yet checked it out.  This issue is a fatty

Contains comics from-

Stathis Tsemberlidis

 Watch out for tomato blight.