Cruel World

posted 4 Jul 2011, 03:59 by lAN DO   [ updated 5 Jul 2011, 06:24 ]

This is the cover for the new album from Sole and the Skyrider band.  Ive just finished an animated music video for one of the tracks that should be dropping shortly....Its a song about immortality and posthumanity which is something I had wanted to make a story about for a while..

Collaborating with this dude has been really great...Sole has put out a lot of really dope music and has always been a real inspiration as a prolific DIY artist.

If you want to check out some of his other work, he just released a free mixtape of 'rap as journalism'  songs over mainstream hiphop beats which you can grab HERE 

He has also put out a number self produced albums which have always been my favourite can stream and download the latest one HERE 

The album is coming out in a few weeks as a download, on CD and VINYL, theres also a preorder deal which comes with a shirt using the line artwork from the album.                         (Europe)

Meanwhile Stathis is in Athens where the wealthy nations of Europe and the trusty Bankers have been steadily strangling the life out of the people....Its really crazy to see the way shit is going down over there, in other countries and to a lesser scale here...The scenes are on some Akira shit.  Look at these assholes gassing hundreds of people in a subway....