ICA Comika Comiket and the sinking myspace ship--------------------------------------------------

posted 4 Nov 2009, 14:39 by lAN DO   [ updated 20 Nov 2009, 15:50 ]
Come check out the rotting underbelly of comics at the ICA for some highbrow shit on sunday, in the ground floor theatre from 1 till 6pm.  Its free, and there will be alot of good guys there.

we will have a fresh new mini comic


Also, Myspace doesnt like the idea of us selling comics and links to the Decadence megastore no longer work.  Weve wanted to get a proper site and domain sorted for a while and we would like to get off this ad ridden sinking ship.   We will set up a blog here and have all the updates up in the future as well as at the old hidout, so book mark it and you know...it will probly still look like a site from the 90's....