In the Clock Tower strung out on Mint Cake, Brooklyn, and then Thought Bubble

posted 16 Oct 2014, 16:49 by Decadence Comics   [ updated 14 Nov 2014, 03:18 by lAN DO ]
This weekend is The Lakes International Comic Art Festival Kendal.  We are in the Clock tower.  Will have copies of Lando's Gardens of Glass and the new mini from Stathis Cyborg M85 as well as a few copies of  Bear pit zine #10 which has a new Lando story as well as contributions from Dec contributors Miscomp and Smoo.  There was gonna be a new regional zine called 'The Town with the Quantum Round-about' but its not ready yet.

Gardens of Glass is now available HERE incase u missed it, or you can get it from Breakdown Press

Theres some Tsemberlidis Tee-shirts on the way.
Decadence will be visiting Turtle Island for the first time for Comics art Brooklyn next month on the 8th, and then the following weekend we will be at Thought Bubble in Leeds.  Then thats it....the Decadence UK head quarters will be relocating it central office and distribution warehouse.  A few jobs will be lost.   They never even gave me a paid position anyway.  Just a shit phone, and apparently I have to give that back as well...