Exquisite Things review and local zine event (BRISTOL COMIC AND ZINE FAIR!)

posted 23 Aug 2011, 14:58 by lAN DO   [ updated 28 Aug 2011, 05:17 ]
Matt at the Exquisite Things blog wrote a really solid review of some Decadence comics HERE if you are interested.  I think dude hit the nail on the head with both our books, in terms of what they are about.  There's also a review of some of Decadence 8 contributor Emix's dope books up there as well (LINK)

Please come and check out this event in Bristol next month!!!

Also...Hello cruel world artwork screen-prints with animation drawings from the immortality video are HERE .  Im pretty excited to collect these later this week, there's only gonna to be 50 prints made (was originally gonna be 100)

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