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Flyer by Anja Davidson

flyer by Robert Beatty

Beserker magazine and John's Worth Launch party-

Meaningless slugs, I am Low Preistess Kleax Vizz Nix, editor of BERSERKER, and I am manifesting on your digital hive to order you to attend the SPAWNING CEREMONY of BERSERKER #1 + John's Worth #3 on Thursday, August, 10th for the unending glory of GOM! BERSERKER is obstentially an anthology exploring ideas about genre fiction narratives in contemporary art, though in truth it's actual purpose would be lost on your pathetic terran minds.

Featuring mind crushing cartooning from Jonathan Chandler, Anya Davidson, Lando, Benjamin Marra, Lane Milburn, Hardeep Pandhal, and Alexander Tucker. A cover by Robert Beatty and psyche altering articles by Peter Bebergal, Adham Faramawy, Sammy Harkham, Joey Holder, Alan Jefferson, Phillip Serfaty, and Jamie Sutcliffe. Design by Chief Cheeky Boglin Leon Sadler and editorial assistance from puke inducing insect men Tom Oldham and Jamie Suttcliffe.

John's Worth #3 emanates from the mind of BERSERKER contributer Jonathan Chandler, Britain’s most isolated cartoonist. Described as “a parasitic-AR, scorched-earth sex-nightmare”, this latest instalment of Chandler'stwisted and brilliant opus is rife with Cronenbergian monstrosities, intrigue and death. ALL HAIL GOM.
As a part of the ceremony there will be live performances, static art and disc jockeys.

Sandbite an Installation by Lando.
An Exhibition of Art from John's Worth Issue 3.

Alexander Tucker (Thrill Jockey)
Joey Holder & Dane Sutherland "The Exegesis of Swamp Brain"

Lando (Decadence Comics)
Graham Dunning (NTS)

With Guests: Anya Davidson, Jonathan Chandler, Lane Milburn, Leon Sadler.

7pm Till Late

Lo & Behold
2B Swanfield St
E2 7DS