TB 2013 ,MM #3, TC #2, ISLAND 3 PART 1

posted 21 Nov 2013, 18:42 by Decadence Comics   [ updated 22 Nov 2013, 03:14 ]

Though Bubble festival  weekend.  This should get you there ^, we r at table 171

Decadence 10 is not ready yet.  But there will be all kinds of other emotionally charged things like - Stathis's sick artbook 'Transmutation of the Human Body and Flora', Last couple of copies of Time capsule #1, a few copies of Prophet #39, DEC sweatshirts and Island 3 part 1 in a mini comic (originally in  shonen DEC #6 which is out of print.)

Apart from that-

Stathis has a story in the second issue of Peows  time capsule anthology along side Wren McDonald and Matt Sheean which is up for pre-order here 

Also, only for the next 9 days.....MOULD MAP 3 is available to order from HERE

Theres some really great artist involved, and its gonna rule if it gets printed....

This is from Lando's story