Gardens Of Glass

Gardens Of Glass

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Gardens of Glass is a retrospective collection of comics by Lando, bringing together the very best of his short works produced over the last five years for Decadence Comics, the influential publishing collective he co-founded with Stathis Tsemberlidis.

Blending Ballardian contemplation of the near future with the aesthetics of early European sci-fi comics, Lando’s incredibly meticulous, impossibly fine pen line describes the deserted world that follows the Anthropocene epoch, where warfare, class division and ecological collapse dominate the landscape.

Gardens of Glass contains the stories "Olympic Games", "Last Drink", "H.A.A.R.P.", "Pyramid Scheme", "Flood Tablet" and "The Marble Man".

Gardens of Glass was printed by offset lithography at DeckersSnoeck in Belgium.

144 page Black and White book with colour cover by Lando, published by Breakdown press.


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