There are three shipping options- to the UK, Europe, and the rest of the World.  Please remember that we are based in the United Kingdom when you order.

If you order a bunch of stuff we will refund the difference on combined shipping (if its more then £1 because less then that is not really worth the hassle).  Or just mail us and we can give you a paypal request with revised shipping (this might take a little longer)

Orders are usually posted within one or two days.

Since 2021 rules regarding VAT due to Brexit have made posting items to the EU complicated.  You may be charged for VAT plus a fee from the postal service when you receive your package, but it depends on each individual country and their own rules on how they treat books and what rate they charge vat.   Unfortunately its not possible for us to know in advance at this end what the charges will be in order to give you any warning.  

If you are in the US, some of our books are available from the US based distro Neoglyphic media which might work out a bit cheaper.