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This week we Stathis and Lando are finally going to Angouleme for FOFF  .  Come check out the comics, will be tres bien.

Back in the Rotten city of London you can catch some of Lando's originals in a group show based around architecture in comics at the Anise gallery, that opens on the 5th of Feb-

Also look out for Owen Pomery's between the billboards comic art that will be in the show.  Great existential comic about trying to reject the spectacle of modern city life yet living in the middle of it.

Last of all, the megastore is shutting down for the next 2 weeks because there isn't enough staff to run the machines safely.  You can order but nothing with go out till the 9th of Feb.

Thanks for sharing yr time with this post, we had a lot of fun together.


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Thought Bubble Festival this weekend.  These guys will be at table 142 in New Dock Hall.

Also have Tsemberlidis Decadence Tee's.

Comic Arts Brooklyn

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Im Going to be at Comic Arts Brooklyn the coming weekend.  I will have some new tee's that Stathis has made and a new mini callled 'Anthropozine'  (the story was originally in Bear pit #10

I have copies of Gardens of Glass, which you can also pickup from the Breakdown press table.  Also look out for Famicon Leon  and the Peow! gang!

Theres also a pre party which I will be at, probably selling comics as well  (sick flier by Joe Kessler)---

If ur in London go to CECAF instead!!

Will be back in time for Thought Bubble the following weekend.

In the Clock Tower strung out on Mint Cake, Brooklyn, and then Thought Bubble

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This weekend is The Lakes International Comic Art Festival Kendal.  We are in the Clock tower.  Will have copies of Lando's Gardens of Glass and the new mini from Stathis Cyborg M85 as well as a few copies of  Bear pit zine #10 which has a new Lando story as well as contributions from Dec contributors Miscomp and Smoo.  There was gonna be a new regional zine called 'The Town with the Quantum Round-about' but its not ready yet.

Gardens of Glass is now available HERE incase u missed it, or you can get it from Breakdown Press

Theres some Tsemberlidis Tee-shirts on the way.
Decadence will be visiting Turtle Island for the first time for Comics art Brooklyn next month on the 8th, and then the following weekend we will be at Thought Bubble in Leeds.  Then thats it....the Decadence UK head quarters will be relocating it central office and distribution warehouse.  A few jobs will be lost.   They never even gave me a paid position anyway.  Just a shit phone, and apparently I have to give that back as well...



Gardens Of Glass launch, Cyborg M85, Safari Festival, Decadence #10

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This book launches on Friday at Gosh comics in London at the opening party for Safari Festival.  It collects Lando's Stories from the Olympic Games, and Pyramid Scheme books as well as the new story 'The Marble Man'  which is in Decadence #10.  The stories are united in that they explore ideas of human existence beyond the Anthropocene Epoch.

 Also launching at the party is Mutiny Bay by  Antoine Cosse who is making some sick comics.

Gardens will be available from HERE very soon or you can buy it from Breakdown press.

The Following day is the Festival, at the Protein Gallery in East London.  Organized by Breakdown press, this is going to be a great gathering of comic artists.  Some original Artwork from Lando will be on display as well.

Stathis is dropping a new mini CYBORG M85

Will also have Decadence #10 if you havent yet checked it out.  This issue is a fatty

Contains comics from-

Stathis Tsemberlidis

 Watch out for tomato blight.


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Got a stall at the Takeover Alt press fair event happening tomorrow.  Come through and experience the different styles and flavours of zines and comics within London.

Should have a couple of copies of that Mould Map 3 comic if you wanna grab one.  Also Gareth Brookes will be there with a self indulgent genre comic that looks sick-

Mat Colgate wrote a nice feature about Lando and Stathis's comics here-

DECADENCE 10 is not going to be at the fair this weekend, but is on its way to print....Should have it in time for the DIY cultures event on the 25th of May

YouTube Video

TB 2013 ,MM #3, TC #2, ISLAND 3 PART 1

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Though Bubble festival  weekend.  This should get you there ^, we r at table 171

Decadence 10 is not ready yet.  But there will be all kinds of other emotionally charged things like - Stathis's sick artbook 'Transmutation of the Human Body and Flora', Last couple of copies of Time capsule #1, a few copies of Prophet #39, DEC sweatshirts and Island 3 part 1 in a mini comic (originally in  shonen DEC #6 which is out of print.)

Apart from that-

Stathis has a story in the second issue of Peows  time capsule anthology along side Wren McDonald and Matt Sheean which is up for pre-order here 

Also, only for the next 9 days.....MOULD MAP 3 is available to order from HERE

Theres some really great artist involved, and its gonna rule if it gets printed....

This is from Lando's story



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Tomorrow the Decadence Global Empire tour ends in Bristol at the Comic and zine fair.  

Heres a pic from our show in Tokyo at the Wishless Gallery.  Thanks to our hosts and everyone who came and checked it out!

A limited amount of books are still available at the gallery as well as a couple of cool book shops in Tokyo

Chameleon SX-1 Tokyo

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Tsemberlidis Illustration for Shopping Hour magazine

We are doing a joint show with the Famicon guys opening on Thursday at the wishless gallery in tokyo.  The opening is from 6 till 8 pm and we will be screening some Decadence movies at some point.  I will be there too!

Its just down the street from the Ninja school-

There will also be a Decadence stall at the Tokyo artist book fair

Also I did a few pages for Brandon Grahams Prophet comic thats out this week (#39)

Our intern is going on a social media networking course for a few weeks, so the Decadence distro centre is shutting down til Oct.  You can order but it wont get posted out till then.

Transmutation of the human Bodies and Flora is now available at the London shops, Gosh Orbital and Foyles as well as other Dec books.

Oh yeah,  I will be at the Bristol comic and zine fest on the 5th of Oct.  Sweet line up for it here-  



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