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Lando and Emix Regulus at this event as part of Small Press Day.

Emix has a new anthology of Sci-fi comics and writing by Woman called Infundibulum, and it should be available at the signing

Knowledge is Power

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Its ELCAF this weekend, you can catch us there on Friday and Saturday.  Look out for new research from Lando and some new tees from Stathis!


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This is a great event to check out.  Taking part in a talk about diy sci-fi film and screening some film clips at 5.30.

we have a new Lando zine and a few new Tsemberlidis tees!  

Eschaton Premier and zine launch at X and Beyond

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To close the show at X and Beyond in Copenhagen we will be having a special event at the space screening Stathis's new film Eschaton and launching a new paper from Lando.

Kicks off at 5pm 

Decadence show opening 8th of April, Copenhagen

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DIY Dalston, Tees

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Four Reptiles Launch Party and Exhibition, New Books

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Launching two new books on the 9th of December at Orbital comics.  The complete Four Reptiles comic will be up on the wall for just one evening and the following day, come through and check it out.  Our intern is also negotiating the loan of the Sumerian reptile tablet to display at the show, but its unsure if it will be possible to transport and achieve the funding to insure it.



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Come find us at Thought Bubble this weekend.  2 New books plus the last 2 copies of Decadence #10.  After they gone they gone 4ever...

West Country Zine Fair

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I have a few copies of this comic in print to take to BCZF on Sat.   This is the 5th fair these guys have organized and its always the best!


We had some work in an online exhibition about the planet after we have checked out (soon lol)

Will be at the Lakes Comics festival soon

Seeya laters


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