TB 2013 ,MM #3, TC #2, ISLAND 3 PART 1

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Though Bubble festival  weekend.  This should get you there ^, we r at table 171

Decadence 10 is not ready yet.  But there will be all kinds of other emotionally charged things like - Stathis's sick artbook 'Transmutation of the Human Body and Flora', Last couple of copies of Time capsule #1, a few copies of Prophet #39, DEC sweatshirts and Island 3 part 1 in a mini comic (originally in  shonen DEC #6 which is out of print.)

Apart from that-

Stathis has a story in the second issue of Peows  time capsule anthology along side Wren McDonald and Matt Sheean which is up for pre-order here 

Also, only for the next 9 days.....MOULD MAP 3 is available to order from HERE

Theres some really great artist involved, and its gonna rule if it gets printed....

This is from Lando's story



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Tomorrow the Decadence Global Empire tour ends in Bristol at the Comic and zine fair.  

Heres a pic from our show in Tokyo at the Wishless Gallery.  Thanks to our hosts and everyone who came and checked it out!

A limited amount of books are still available at the gallery as well as a couple of cool book shops in Tokyo

Chameleon SX-1 Tokyo

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Tsemberlidis Illustration for Shopping Hour magazine

We are doing a joint show with the Famicon guys opening on Thursday at the wishless gallery in tokyo.  The opening is from 6 till 8 pm and we will be screening some Decadence movies at some point.  I will be there too!

Its just down the street from the Ninja school-

There will also be a Decadence stall at the Tokyo artist book fair

Also I did a few pages for Brandon Grahams Prophet comic thats out this week (#39)

Our intern is going on a social media networking course for a few weeks, so the Decadence distro centre is shutting down til Oct.  You can order but it wont get posted out till then.

Transmutation of the human Bodies and Flora is now available at the London shops, Gosh Orbital and Foyles as well as other Dec books.

Oh yeah,  I will be at the Bristol comic and zine fest on the 5th of Oct.  Sweet line up for it here-  




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Been in the game for 10 years son

This weekend is the ELCAF epoch.  We will have a stall alongside dec contributor EMIX REGULUS who will have a new collection of comics entitled HEPATIC PORTAL-

We will have a new book from Stathis called TRANSMUTATION OF HUMAN BODIES AND FLORA

Mainstream press has described it as-

 'Deconstruction of the human body. Cell disease and mutation, Parasites and coexistence. Decay of a well organized system,
 anarchic formations and new qualities'

Decadence #10 is nearly done but not quite.  Heres a teaser print from Lando's story 'The Marble Man' which we will have on Saturday as well-

And to finish up, we just uploaded some stories from the first Decadence issue on the DEC tumblr HERE and HERE

Thanks to all the people that have supported us, organized legendary zine and comic events, stocked our stuff in shops or just helped us out along the way....


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Got to Bergen somewhere

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You can catch our garbage at the Mall Gallery in London this weekend on saturday at the lineup comic fair-

We sent some comics to Bergen Street Comics in the United Snakes.  Some guys there made a podcast where they talked about that shit (about half way through)-

They also struggled with that fucking Greek name. 

New books are growing out the ground at the moment


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In the Peloponnese you can find any kind of shit

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On Saturday DECADENCE will be at the Publish and be Damned fair at the ICA in the Theatre.  The fair is freeeee to attend, theres some screenings and workshops going on as well which are like a fiver each.

Lando has the first part of a story in a new 2 color risoprinted Sci-Fi anthology that our friends PEOW! put out.  The anthology is called 'Time Capsule'.   Stathis will have a story in a future issue and the conclusion  of Lando's story will most likely be in issue 3.  

Get #1 here

Lando also has a piece in this show curated by Noel Freibert in Baltimore opening on the 9th of March-

Decadence pals Leon Sadler and Jon Chandler also have work in this along with a lot of sickass comic artist's.

Jon and Leon made a comic together with Stefen Sadler that has been out for a while...but we just got to read it and its a nice chunky bit of comics from these weirdos and rebels-

Last of all check out this awesome review of Stathis's mini Adamao - (its the one at the bottom)


Crackmas Spirit

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Decadence put together this new zine with 2 fucked up stories.  Just a quick rock they cooked up 2 get u thru the hard timez of Christmas.

Stathis and Lando are both working on some new stuff for a new riso printed comic anthology that is being published by these Dudes in Sweden

Be safe and I'll see you l8r.  This is my last post as Im off 2 visit fam back on Nibiru 2moro.



posted 4 Dec 2012 02:14 by Stathis Tsemberlidis

Don't miss this Thursday, London's Underground Film Festival taking place at the London's horse hospital.
MOA192B is screening at 20:00 voting session 2 (check the program for more info).
Lando is going to be there , go and ask him questions about the coming decadence anti-Christmas issue.


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